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Our Services

Cargo delivery

Development of supply chain strategy

Supply chain and logistic optimisation

Customs valuation


By deciding to cooperate with us you gain:

Reduction of fixed costs

Resignation from warehouse and shipping activities in favor of promotional and commercial activities.

Access to modern technologies and expert knowledge of talented employees.

Control of costs related to running a warehouse (personnel costs, warehouse space)

Tax effective supply chain management

Customs duty minimisation and management, including audits to ensure only the minimum amount of customs duty legally due has been paid.

Our Mission

We believe that that success formula is simple, to prove this statement we provide fast, efficient and reliable service to any customer.
From our experience we can tell that dealing with suppliers or customs might be very complicated for Entrepreneurs, whose ideas might bog down in process.
Therefore, everything we do serves to support them.
We show a new way of doing business. We accompany Entrepreneurs on this path, inspire them to make bold changes, support them with knowledge and proven tools.

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